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Precision Stamping

Precision Stamping CapabilitiesPrecision Metal Stamping

  • Turnkey Stamping
  • In-house Metrology & Inspection
  • High Speed 1500 SPM Presses
  • Micron Tolerances
  • Deburring & Tumbling
  • Marking & Engraving
  • Assembly & Sub-assembly
  • Surface Finishing
  • Heat Treating

History Built On Precision

The Hines Group operates a broad range of stamping capabilities by process: transfer, progressive, and four/multi-slide presses. Our capabilities include Blanking, Piercing, Bend Forming, Draw Forming, and Swaging, and Coining.

Precision Metal StampingExacting Requirements

We have experience working with stainless and cold/hot-rolled steel, hardened and tempered steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, Galvaneal, and specialty alloys such as titanium, nitinol, Inconel, nitinol, zircaloy and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In-Process Quality

We use custom and commercial measurement systems. We routinely comply with requirements for as much as 100 dimensional measurements, plus surface and cosmetic requirements.

High Volume Production

Gold plated precision metal stamping

The Hines Group has twelve presses capable of over 1200 strokes per minute. We routinely design two or more-out tooling to increase production capacity and efficiency.

Integrated Quality Management

Our ability to produce the precision stampings to match your need to accelerate products to market is supported by our rapid estimating, engineering, part development, materials acquisition, and production readiness.

Secondary Operations

High Volume Precision Stainless Steel StampingsTo provide you with cost-effective solutions, we have a significant capability in high-volume, high-speed parts cleaning, deburring, and tumbling services.

Used Around The World

Our precision metal stampings are used around the World. We export to India, China, Malaysia, Japan, Europe, Mexico, and South America.

Tool Transfer Programs

If you've decided that metal stamping is not your core competence, or you would rather focus your attention elsewhere, consider The Hines Group for a complete transfer of your stamping operations.

For you, it is a chance to reduce your investment, eliminate your operational headaches, redeploy labor, and consolidate your purchasing efforts (and vendors).

We have extensive experience in the process of transferring your tools, presses, auxiliary materials, and raw materials to our facility. 


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